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Are new skates sharpened?

Not necessarily. Most new skates are left with a rough edge or plastic coating to prevent rust or damage during shipment or storage.

What is a skate profile?

The best way to describe a skate profile is the steel's radius from end to end. A profile determines a skater's center of gravity, body posture, body compensations, and physical stress. All which affect the skating style, speed, stops, starts and the hockey player's stick handling and shot, as well as a figure skater's jumps and landings.

Are new skates profiled?

Most skates have no profile at all. Very few skates come with a generic profile that may not be suited for the size of that particular skater.

What is the best skate?

We get asked this question every day. The best skate on the market is…….The most comfortable skate for you!

Are there defective skates?

Yes. There are repairable and unrepairable skates out there. Both can possibly lead to injury due to body compensations and added physical stress to the lower limbs and back. Unrepairable skates cannot be repaired due to tips in the sole that could lead to misalignment of the body. Repairable skates can be repaired if the blade needs to be aligned to the center of the boot. But here is a question….Why would you have to repair brand new skates?

Are there skate orthotics?

Yes. There are all kinds of sport sole orthotics. If you think you need orthotics and your local sports store insoles such as super feet, etc. cannot solve the problem, consult your doctor to see if you require skate orthotics.

did you know?

Don't leave your skates in a car or unheated garage. Bring them inside. Water and moisture from condensation expands when frozen and will damage holders, boots and cause blades to rust. If you have plastic guards, remove and clean them.
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