While technique is vital to goaltending success, technique alone will never, singlehandedly, deliver elite performance. The game is too dynamic and too unpredictable for solely programmed responses. Goaltenders must be multi-dimensional in their approach and their skill set to excel in these high-paced game environments. To round out a goaltender’s “performance” package, compete, instincts, athleticism and both mental capacity and physical controllability are not only essential but, collectively, even more important. Goalies should not only pursue programmed, goalie-centric training environments but also environments where the “cards” are not necessarily stacked in their favour. Blades Skate Shop  (STG) Smart Transitional Games training environment for skaters provides goalies with a superb opportunity to hone these vital ingredients within the goaltender performance recipe.

Ian Clark
NHL Goaltending Coach 23 Seasons

I have been taking my blades to Pat at Blades Skate Shop for almost ten years. Whenever I feel that I have lost a bit of speed and confidence in my game, I get a set of blades into Pat. I especially rely on Blades Skate Shop when I have a major tryout or event, because I know that the work he does on my blades make me a quicker and more effective player. As I play most of my games away from Calgary, I always have a stash of blades that Blades Skate Shop has prepared for me to get me through the season. I want to thank Pat and his staff for always accommodating me when I come in at the last minute to get my blades profiled and sharpened. The work they do on my blades always gives me such an advantage.

Dillon Dubé
Kelowna Rockets / Team Canada

Switching to Scotia Blades made a difference in my Daughter's skating; she gets more speed using less energy. I didn't tell her that I had changed where I get her skates sharpened, but she knew something was different right away. She asked me what I did different and said she really noticed how she felt on the ice....faster...less tired after a hard shift. We swear by Scotia Blades and are loyal customers. The owner/operator is Mike and you won't find a nicer guy...he cares about the kids and will accommodate your schedule in a skate emergency. If you don't use Scotia Blades you need to start. I recommend it to anyone who wants their kids game to improve.

Tony Babineau

With a demanding on-ice schedule competing for Canada against the best female hockey players in the world, it is crucial that I have equipment that will maximize my performance. Blades Skate Shop has provided me with top-of-the-line, custom profiling and sharpening that allows me to skate with efficiency, power, and confidence. Thank you, Blades, for allowing me to stay an edge above my competitors.

Meaghan Mikkelson
Canadian National Women's Hockey Team

I have been getting my skates sharpened by Pat since I was playing novice hockey at the Crowchild Twin Arenas. Having my blades profiled by the Blades Skate Shop has made a great difference in my skating ability and giving me confidence in my game. I have played Junior A hockey and now NCAA Div. 1 hockey and I do notice a difference when my skates are not sharpened by Maximum Edge.

As I grew in height and weight with my game changing, Blades Skate Shop was able to adjust my skates/blades to what I needed most, improving my balance and maximizing my stride. I recommend Blades Skate Shop to all hockey players, especially elite players. Thanks Pat for all the help throughout the years.

Brennan Baxandall
Umass NCAA Div 1

Since working with Blades Skate Shop this past summer I can't believe how much of an impact they have had on my skating in such a short period of time. I noticed huge improvements from the first time I stepped on the ice. More glide, stronger stance and better turning ability were just some of the improvements. I feel confident every time I step on the ice knowing that Patrick and the staff at Blades Skate Shop have set up my skates for the best success possible. I highly recommend Blades Skate Shop/Maximum Edge to any player at any level looking to get the upper hand on their opponent!

Chuck Kobasew
Minnesota Wild

Blades Skate Shop knows exactly what they're doing when it come to skates. They had me skating smoother, with less effort and increased balance in a matter of one visit. They do so much more than sharpening, many people don't know how much can be offered until they experience it for themselves. I recommend Blades Skate Shop to anyone looking for the most performance out of their skates.

Jay Rosehill
NHL Toronto Maple Leafs

I have been getting my skates sharpened from Blades Skate Shop for over 8 years. Pat and his team have taken the time to analyze my skating and finetune my sharpening, blade alignment and fit so that I can get that little bit extra in performance out of my skates. I highly reccomend Maxiumum Edge to players at any level, especially the minor hockey levels, where quality sharpening can really impact on a child's skating technique. They do a teriffic job

Hayley Wickenheiser
Canadian National Women's Hockey Team

"I have been using the guys at Blades Skate Shop for the last three summers and have noticed dramatic improvement in my skating. As a bigger player, skating is an aspect of my game that needed improvement to stay competitive with the new NHL rules. The skate blade is probably a hockey players most important piece of equipment and must not be overlooked. Pat and the Maximum Edge system have helped me feel a lot more comfortable with the profile and hollow he advised for me. I would definitely recommend Maximum Edge, Pat, and his team at Blades Skate Shop to everyone who wants to be a better skater."

Chris Durno
Colorado Avalanche NHL

Skating is a huge component is today's game. Simply enough if you can’t skate, you can't play. I found that after taking my skates to Pat and his team at Blades Skate Shop I felt faster and in better control of my edges on the ice. He took the time to watch my stride and offer advice on what profile would suit my skating best. Before going in I was oblivious to all the different ways you could customize a skate blade. Now I wont wear a skate without having it profiled and sharpened to what Pat suggested for me. I think that players of all different skills and ages can benefit from their knowledge. They are truly experts at what they do.

Connor James
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

 I have used Blades Skate Shop for 4 years and the Maximum Edge System for 11 years. The blade profiling has decreased the stress on my hips, knees, back and ankles. It helps me perform at my “Maximum” every night. With the proper hollow and the Maximum Edge kit, I find that I skate on top of the ice instead of cutting into it. This makes me faster and I work less to get to my position which enables me to make the proper calls. I definitely recommend the Maximum Edge System to everyone who would like to compete at their “Maximum”.


Michael Cvik
NHL Linesman #88

I am a former WHA and NHL hockey player for 11 years and played professional hockey for a total of 19 years (including 3 years of WHL Junior Hockey and 5 years in European leagues). The Blades Skate Shop and Maximum Edge skate sharpening is the very best that I have ever skated on in my entire career. I was AMAZED and I could tell the difference in the very first time I tested out the Maximum Edge skate sharpening. It was incredible how well and easily my skates slid on the ice and how much less energy and exertion my skating required. I felt really FAST when I skated and when I stopped striding I could feel that I was able to maintain my speed. My turns felt very EASY AND FLOWING and yet I still felt that I had a very SHARP EDGE to push off from. I am a firm believer in the Blades Skate Shop and Maximum Edge skate sharpening and it is the only place I get my skates sharpened now!!

Thank you,

Morris Lukowich
WHA / NHL Goal Scorer 1979-1987

Skating has always been a large part of hockey and with the rule changes even more importance is being stressed on the skill. I've been working with Pat and his team at Blades Skate Shop on my skates for several years now and there's no doubt what a huge difference his ideas can make on a skater. His attention to detail and progressive attitude have helped me find the right profile and hollow for my game. I'll continue to go back to get that edge.

Jeremy Colliton
New York Islanders NHL

Whether your playing timbits or pro, the one thing that every player needs is a consistent high quality skate sharpening. Since, I started having my skates profiled and sharpened at Blades Skate Shop with Pat and the gang I have never had any issues with my skates.

Tim Murray
P&P Power Skating Inc.

Three years ago, I started using Maximum Edge skate sharpening because it was in the same building as where I worked out. When Pat moved locations, I lost more than convenience, I lost my Maximum Edge. I soon realized the benefits your profiling gives me. I am faster with less effort and more consistent with more control. This allows me to compete at the highest levels of hockey with confidents. I highly recommend Pat and his crew to anyone who wants a leg up. Thanks Pat for giving me the Maximum Edge

Riley Reinbolt
Midget AAA Buffaloes

A superior skate sharpen. I wish I Knew about Pat and Blades Skate Shop when I was still playing. His knowledge and experience are assets which any hockey player should utilize. The consistent sharpening and the confidence of always having my edges has been great. I highly recommend Pat & his team to help elevate any players game. The most important equipment on a hockey player is his/her skates. Why not get an advantage and have your skates performing at their best?

Michael Evans
Core-Power Inc

I am working with the best skaters in the world every day. Technique and power are extremely important but without the proper sharpening great skating is not possible. Maximum Edge is the best system in the world, and I am recommending it to all my students.

Tomas with NHL players
Marty Gelinas, Steve Montador, Jeremy Colliton ( Maximum Edge Player ),
Gregory Campbell, Ed Belfour, Brian Allen, Cory Murphy,
and Hayley Wickenheiser ( Maximum Edge Player )

Tomas Pacina
Florida Panthers Skills Coach, Former Skills Coach for the New York Rangers, Canadian Mens and Womens National Team

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