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The Benefits

The Benefits of Blades Skate Shop is that we use the Maximum Edge skate blade sharpening and patented squaring and finishing process.

  • No brake-in period after sharpening
  • Elimination of sharp burrs creates a safer edge reducing the number of incidental and accidental cuts. Blades that have not been finished have small burrs and foreign material redeposited by machine sharpening. The burrs and foreign materials can break off the first time the skates are used, leaving sharp edges which can result in skate release.
  • Blade edges stay sharp longer, so skaters do not have to change skatingstyles to compensate for the blade edges as they break down, resulting in less fatigue and injury.
  • Improved center of gravity
  • Better control, turns, flow and acceleration
  • Major reduction in skate release
  • Less friction = less fatigue
  • No chatter on stops
  • Increased confidence level in blade edges

              Steve, Harvey, Harold and Patrick


did you know?

Skate Sharpeners tend to give deep hollows to compensate for uneven, misaligned or non-profiled skates. Deep hollows control the skate, shallow hollows allow the skater to control the skates, which is the number one factor in SKATER CONTROL!
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