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Blades Skate Shop is a member of MAXIMUM EDGE, a skate-sharpening supplier to the NHL including on- ice officials.

Patrick Puddifant (Blades Skate Shop  Calgary AB)
Steven Ough (The Skate Doctor Saint John NB)
Serge LeBlanc ( Monton Wildcats QMJHL Equipment Manger)
Bob Allen (Maximum Edge Windsor Ont)

MAXIMUM EDGE has performed skate maintenance work shops for major hockey supply companies, NHL, AHL, CHL, ECHL, IHL, UHL, WCHL, WPHL, OHL, universities, colleges, minor hockey systems and the U.S. and Canadian National programs.

Blades Skate Shop
 and other Maximum Edge members offer their hockey and figure skating customers a superior standard in skate blade maintenance. The Maximum Edge sharpening system incorporates its own profiling and patented finishing process, which increases the number one factor in skating - skater control.

This system provides an improved center of gravity, resulting in greater maneuverability and increased speed.

Skaters should be in control of their skates, NOT the skates in control of the skater.

Blade profile and square radius should work with the skater’s ability instead of creating body compensations and added physical stress. The more accurate the skater’s center of gravity is, the greater the results in personal performance.

Proper sharpening, blade mounting, alignment and profile determine a skater’s center of gravity, body posture, body compensations, and physical stress. All which affect the skating style, speed, stops, starts and the hockey player’s stick handling and shot, as well as a figure skater’s jumps and landings.

Please feel free to contact Blades Skate Shop, Maximum Edge or one of the members with any questions about your skates.

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If you use a hair dryer to dry out your skates use the lowest heat setting available. High heat will cause the adhesives to soften and undermine the integrity of the boot. Specially designed dryers are now available that limit the amount of heat.
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